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INDIEGOGO Weekly Update Number Eighteen: END OF PHASE II

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Before we get started on Phase III, I was the only sponsor of Phase II! But that's ok, I've been a bit too busy to give back to you guys, so I'm going to be having a giveaway!

Share #TFAResolution to win free copies of both books!

Nederlandse Vertaling Soulfire!

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We zijn op weg om The Forgotten Age Trilogy te vertalen, maar we zijn nog altijd bezig met geld in te zamelen op de Indiegogo Project!

Alleen, als wij de diensten willen aanschaffen van een vertaler, wordt de prijs berekend in centen per woord, en voor een professionele vertaling kost het ons, voor het eerste boek:

est. 4000 Euros!

PANDEMONIUM (A Star Wars Fan Fiction!)

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Pandemonium, my own Star Wars Fan Fiction is to be seen, in full, HERE.
I decided to just put all of the chapters together, but for those who don't have a lot of time, to read them in succession, click the links below:

Part I                                    Part II                                     Part III

Mission Statement: The Universal Conclave

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This world has its fun, and it’s not so fun, and it can be seen from so many perspectives. That is why the internet is full of information; some we wish to share, and some that we may never have even wanted to see in the first place. It is also full of petitions, cries of the people and, more and more, we are seeing what kind of influence that communication technology can have.
That is why, with the idea of the story of the Universal Conclave at heart, I have created a place that we can discuss such matters in earnest, on the forum of The Forgotten Age Trilogy. I have started with five aspects of human existence for us to start with. This is, in no way, the final list of subjects; as more and more categories and subcategories will arise. The first categories are: