"The path of rage is the path of fire. I am blessed with power to scorch the world, but I take great care in what I incinerate."

First appearance: 

The Forgotten Age II: Resolution


Human (Teurang)


220 cm


90 kg


Elemental Magic


A long time friend of Seisoa, Darkon's history dates far back to before the Triad War, when he led the dragons out of their lair, out of the crater of Kakima, at the center of the world. A half dragon, half human, he easily claimed rule over the dragons through intelligence and cunning. 

Once he had obtained control of his homeland of Kakima, he sought to destroy the humans whom had once cast him out. His army's fire spread deep into the forests of Farin, and into the human world, to decimate his enemies in a battle for supremacy: The Triad War.

Once he had met Seisoa, he forged an alliance with the Conjurers, instead of continuing his warpath. The Conjurers could offer the Dragons a system of teleportation, by way of their Summoning techniques. In return, the Dragons swore to protect any Conjurer that summoned them, but only on the condition that mutual respect was shown by their partners.

Darkon reappears after the war, still fighting the good fight, in the second Journal: Resolution.

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