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The Forgotten Age II: Resolution

The demons of Zethis are a misunderstood people, as most believe them to be beings without a moral code or principle. In truth, they only seek to find new experiences, from the greatest euphoria to the most agonizing pain.

Living in the country of Zethis, with a mineral called calivorcite beneath them, they are seperated from the life force of the planet. They cannot die, but must replace their bodies after the corporeal form is used up. By using Soul Transmigration magic, they are able to reincarnate if the body has become too damaged. The new body gives them the opportunity to have lived for eons, remembering each old life.

Varek Nimh, their leader, is a ruthless tyrant, enslaving his people and torturing them for disobedience. He is rumored to be creating armies of mass destruction, in the second journal, Resolution.

And through any type of torture or torment, a demon will always make their own choice.
-Mythos (The Forgotten Age Trilogy: Resolution)


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