Human (Teurang)

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The Forgotten Age I: Soulfire

In a league of their own, the Humans who inhabit the country of Teurang are far ahead of the other civilizations when it comes to technology. This has also lead to the dread circumstances of their civilization.

 In the previous regime, when the Old Kings ruled over the country of humans, there had been a lack of food sources. Not having enough to keep their people fed and their industries running, the Old Kings sought to solve the problem, by creating a machine that would be the pinnacle of their technology.

The machine processed any genetic material into an edible substance, which could then be processed and passed out among the people. On a day of great suffering and disappointment, the machine backfired, absorbing most of the genetic material in their country, leaving Teuran a wasteland, but leaving more than enough food to support its people.

In the time of Zack Braves, the Silver City: Teuran, in the country of Teurang, is a thriving metropolis; distributing the processed meals daily, around the country, to provide for the citizens that do not live within the safety of the city walls.



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