Indiegogo Weekly Update X (PHASE II on Monday!)

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Wow, what a week it has been!
We have been working like mad here, at The Forgotten Age, trying to get everything in order for the start of Phase II, and I am happy to say that the project will be starting at the beginning of next week!

Along with the start of Phase II, we are also working on the Mark II version of the statuette! More pictures will be available when the project is launched, but here is a sneak peek at what TinkerNos has been up to!


While all of this has been going on, I have been able to produce some more episodes of The Seisoa Chronicles, for those of you that have joined the website. Here is a segment from Episode VII: The Resistance:

"So I left down an alley, to make sure that they didn't see me. I started playing 'Arrival,' the song that draws in those with power, and puts them into a hypnotic state. The only one who responded to the song was this Axson, who turned the corner quickly. At first, I just wanted to ask him about the guard detail of the stock houses, so that I could retrieve our Priest outfits for the mission."

"Go on," Atiana responded, impatience in her tone.

"Well, after doing that, he lingered in the hypnotic state for some time. It didn't seem like the others would have come looking for him, so I asked him why the Priests were visiting Salis in the first place."



And another segment, from Episode VIII: SKROOM

Stein seemed already proficient in hand-to-hand combat, taking on three mages at a time; deflecting each attack with ease. As Verol flung yet another combatant against a wall, Seisoa absorbed another attack from the electric mage into the void. All the while, the black robed mage watched from afar, letting his soldiers fight for him, seeming to have no interest in the fight himself.

While Atiana had no trouble defending herself against the icy attacks, she yelled to the others, "We will not win this way! We need to double back towards the basement; we need to protect Skroom!"



Monday, we will be launching PHASE II of the Indiegogo Project, along with a shiney new video, to promote the series and the Universal Conclave!
The song we will be using, is from my brother's band: Walking Horizon.

Make sure to check out their music, and stay tuned for next week, when we unleash the "Power of a Hero," to make this world a better place for all beings!

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