Indiegogo Weekly Update XI

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(Gotta love my boss Photoshop Skillzzz.... xD)

Here we are again with another Indiegogo Update!

This week has been a lot of work and a lot of madness, as my brother has moved over to the US to visit the family. Good for him!

Unfortunately, I was not able to get much done for the project, because of helping him out, and still working my butt off at a warehouse... Oh well, bills need to be paid, I guess!

However, this dream will come true!

I would like to thank the following people for already sponsoring in Phase I:

Sven "Tomtaru" Maesen

Jimmy Crispeyn

Stefanie Stouten

Jeroen "Shinny" Boehlé

and Kevin "Nos" Delil

They will have the first sponsor page in the new books! Thank you so much, and know that I'm working hard! Also, these sponsors will receive the mystery gift of Phase I... Ooh what could it be...?

Again, this week, there is no Seisoa Chronicles... However, in celebration of Phase II, I have given everyone on the website, who has already made a profile, access to the Universal Conclave, and The Seisoa Chronicles!

Also, a PDF is available for download, containing the first 7 Episodes, for those who can access it.

Have a great weekend everyone! I cannot wait until the Universal Conclave Video (with music from Walking Horizon) is done! It's looking epic! I am hoping to get a sample out sometime soon, so Like and Share this message if you ant to see it! Sharing is caring, and we need more people interested for this project to grow!

So, let's get to it, shall we? Vaya con dios!!!

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