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The twelfth update for the Indiegogo Project for The Forgotten Age Trilogy is here!

And what a few weeks this has been. Working consistently is difficult, especially whilst trying to keep up with beloved family, the greatest of friends, and the job that I need at the moment, so I can continue to bring you all some new material!
It's tough living a double life, I actually overslept on Wednesday, and was FIVE HOURS late for work. Fun stuff :/

For the last two weeks, I have been working on a video for everyone, which has been posted, almost everywhere! Check it...


Here's the Mission Statement of The Universal Conclave, including my own vision of how we can put our thoughts together and try to find out what is best; not for a city, not for a country, not for a union, but for this whole planet


What do you think?

The Seisoa Chronicles will continue next week, with the tenth episode in the series! Diplomacy will decide who lives, and who dies..

See ya guys soon, and don't forget to go to Indiegogo, and help us out! even just 5 Euros sponsorship gets you access to the weekly series of The Seisoa Chronicles! (By me, the Z!


See you all next week!

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