Mission Statement: The Universal Conclave

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A lot of people have been asking me what the Universal Conclave is. Here is the story, and the mission.

In the world of The Forgotten Age Trilogy and The Seisoa Chronicles, Seisoa of Farin was a man who traveled his world, seeking a way to stop violence and corruption. In the stories of the "Z," he was a man who united the world, yet saw the flaw in such unity; that for each victory, and with every new peace, new challenges would arise.

To make sure that the people of his world would always have their say, Seisoa aided in the formation of the Universal Conclave. He created a coalition to stand above government and religion; a group that would unite and oversee all the people of the world beneath one symbol.

This power, however, was not only to be granted to a few, but to all who sought to improve on the conditions of their world. Every person in their world had a chance to question or join the Conclave.

Seisoa and his allies became disgusted with the pyramid structured class system, that had come before their time; where the majority of the world would follow the direction of a few. Those leaders often hid behind walls of soldiers and stone, cowering from the world, while trying to lead it. This created a gap between the rulers and their people which, in turn, gave rise to distrust between those with power, and those without.

Seisoa had also seen what such corruption could do, to some who were granted power over other people. The conjurer concluded, that there would always be those who would wish for that power; those with utmost pride, who believed that others were only meant to be subservient. With every person's perspective able to cry out for help, those who would be subjected to desperate circumstances would be able to speak out against injustice. If such abuse of power would be seen again, it would be snuffed out quickly.

This judgment applied not only to those who made widespread, worldly decisions, but also to the common people; as social dominance, hatred, revenge and lies were an undeniable part of a free society, no matter how much some would try to right these wrongs.

The organization was no secret to the citizens of their world, and everyone could issue a complaint, if they knew where to look. Humans, mages, conjurers, O'rixian, dragons and demons; the six races experienced a time of peace for an extended period, because those with complaints, could always attempt to change the minds of many. This structure held fast in their world, until the events which take place in the journals of Z, also known as The Forgotten Age Trilogy.

The idea of the founders of the Universal Conclave was that all people would be able to consult and inquire to their governments and, if the need was present, to a unified group. The Conclave in Z's journals had already acquired a supreme fortress; a consolidation of the world's might, which can be seen on the cover of TFA2: Resolution. Their communications network reached around the world, as they oversaw the citizens of their planet from afar, but always protecting and guiding them.

In their world, in this story, all people had a chance to be heard, so that their world would not fall into desolation. Here on Earth, we also face many difficulties in maintaining a society where each opinion is valid. The class system of the Humans of Teuran, is much like our own; the natural progress of the tribal evolution of our species.

Now, with all of the technology that we currently possess, and the world in tatters, those who have assumed power over others are still making decisions that hurt our planet, murder the helpless, terrify the people, and make the rest feel inferior. However, there is much hope, and we have made so much progress.

The world's ecosystems are in terrible shape, but technology and science make the headlines with breakthroughs, almost daily.

Religious extremists are acting out, but most of us are connecting and bridging the gap between nations, cultures, religions, education, technology, and commerce.

In the United States, the military wishes to enforce drones to spy on their own people, and bomb countries that they should be helping progress into prosperity, but most of us can sleep soundly... for now, quiet and protected.

Russians and Chinese, North and South Korea, World War III and nobody knows what to do, but this just in! They can store electricity in paper! Imagine the practical joke possibilities...

This world has its fun, and it's not so fun, and it can be seen from so many perspectives. That is why the internet is full of information; some we wish to share, and some that we may never have even wanted to see in the first place. It is also full of petitions, cries of the people and, more and more, we are seeing what kind of influence that communication technology can have, through protests like Anonymous, or the impact that social networking has had on our lives.

That is why, with the idea of the story of the Universal Conclave at heart, I have created a place that we can discuss such matters in earnest, on the forum of The Forgotten Age Trilogy. I have started with five aspects of human existence for us to start with. This is, in no way, the final list of subjects; as more and more categories and subcategories will arise. The first categories are as follows:

-Philosophy (Life and Existence from Many Perspectives)
-Science, Innovation and Stability
-Politics and Equal Rights (Society, Civilization)
-Spirituality (Religion, Mysticism, Myths, Experience)
-Exchange (Finances and Trade)

If we can come together and discuss such matters in an open place, perhaps we will finally be able to create a world without poverty and strife. We have always, as a species, made steps towards cooperation and peace. Here is one way to do that.

How to Join

First, you must make a profile on the website.
Here is a link to the profile creation page:
TFA Profile Page

After that step, there are two ways in which to join the Universal Conclave, and make your voice heard.

The first is to donate to the Indiegogo fundraiser for The Forgotten Age Trilogy, here:
Indiegogo Project

After that, I will be forever grateful, and you will receive confirmation once your profile has been upgraded!

The second way to enter the Universal Conclave, is to apply for membership. Those who are willing can also apply for a moderator position on the website!
All you have to do is type out the reasons for wanting to enter, send your application to the Conclave, and we will ratify your membership.

Send your letter to:

And so, to all those who have asked me, "What is the Universal Conclave?"

"...a place for us to assemble as equals. It takes many perspectives to
discover what is best for our world."

-Rown Lunetist - TFA2: Resolution


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