UC Membership Proposal of Z (Example)

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I have decided to make a small list, to kind of state my point on things. This is a list of things, specific matters that should be changed about the Earth, in my opinion. My way of thinking has no more or less status or validity, than any other human being's perspective. By sharing these ideas, I only hope to perhaps inspire others to help me clear up, and perhaps solve these matters.

-Status relies on our instincts, and the passing of information from a dominant source to another. I do not promote pure anarchy, but I do propose that all human beings be seen as what they are. Men at the top are only more well-fed than those at the bottom of the working chain-of-command. We are all equal. The only thing that separates us are our characters; our beliefs and abilities. Whether or not we are 

Reason behind the ideas: Personal experience. I have worked with people from around the world, and been many places, only to be met with kindness. I am where I am, because of the kindness that I have been shown, and even though many need desperate help, it is up to everyone to help each other, something my Iranian co-worker, also believes.
The elderly know that they are lucky to be old, because we cannot get there on our own. They were the rebels of their youth, some of them, but they could not have reached such wisdom and age without help. We can live longer, so we must be able to be free and prosperous, but we must also work for it. A wise modern man once said, "I don't plow my own fields for food, so I must be able to trust the person who does, so that I can live healthy and do what it is that I think is important, to support him in turn. 
People. This is how communities started. We need to get our act together on cooperation.
Also, remember the children that made/make iPhones, or the enslaved children that were forced to make carpets in Pakistan. (See Iqbal Masih). They need everyone's help, and so we should not let a few of us have too much of their own resources, because they are badly needed by the rest of humanity. We need to make oases in the deserts, we need to help life along, and we need to get out into the stars and explore. Why do you think we would love to lie beneath the stars?

Goal: Eventually, I wish to try and compose a draft for a type of new political and social system, which will give culture a chance, while still uniting the world as one. I will pass this on to the rest of the Conclave, to help perfect and refine, so that this world can finally live in peace, without those who enjoy luxury prey on those who they see as inferior (whether or not intentional).
In the future, if this document is ever ratified by the people of the Earth, it should become something that we can all agree on, and that will be fair to all, period; even Flora and Fauna, the second of which we are part. 

I could go on, but I will leave it like this for now. I'll see you all on the forum, and we can put our ideas together, and maybe we can make our world, and our Solar system, an epic place for humanity...

What do you think?

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