Indiegogo Project Live Updates

Indiegogo Weekly Update IX (PHASE II DELAYED!)

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And finally, I am sorry for having you all wait so long. This brings much shame to my heart; it is not good to keep promises unfulfilled. 

My being late means two things, though, and according to the user called Canary's post:

"1) you get a better product and

2) we meet the high bar we’ve set for ourselves (and that you, as our backers, have a right to expect from us).”

Indiegogo Weekly Update VIII

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Only 24 HOURS to go for this first segment of the Indiegogo Project for The TFA Trilogy!!

It has been a good run, but we are nowhere near our goal! And so, I will be remaking the Indiegogo page, so that we can keep it running! Don't worry, those who have sponsored will have their contributions added to the new page, so we can keep going!

Indiegogo Weekly Update VII

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One more week to go, and we are nowhere near our goal!

But all is well in The Forgotten Age project, because we are just going to run the promotion for a while longer!
Thank you to all who have helped so far, your belief in the project will not go unrewarded!
Don't forget to share and get the word out!

The story of Seisoa's time in Menak has been fun to write, research, and create, so here is a passage from last week's episode- Descent Into Menak:

Weekly Update VI (Repost)

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First of all, I'd like to give a big shout out of thanks to Sven "Tomtaru" Maesen and Jeron "Shinryuu" Boehle for helping out on the project! We are now up to 6 sponsors, to whom I am eternally grateful!

Unfortunately, there will be no episode of The Seisoa Chronicles this week, because of the holidays! Called my family yesterday (they are spread out across the US and EU :P) And partied hearty with my homies,and again tonight!

Indiegogo Weekly Update V

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(For the explanation of these magic types, go HERE)

We still need everyone's help on the Indiegogo Page!

The holidays are here!

Had my birthday on Wednesday and Thursday, and damn it was a blast! I'd like to thank everyone who helped make it a success, and everyone that sent a message on all that social networking! Even though they are just a few words, I do believe that the wishes are genuine!

Weekly Update IV

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Hello all!

Quite the week it has been, making cards, videos, and promoting the site with any platform I can get my hands on. Going to work in a warehouse to pay off the bills, coming home and creating more stories and content; getting little sleep in the process is just a part of it, I guess!

However, the fact is, we are already half way through the fundraiser! But, as I wrote in the thank you's for the first book:

Never give up, never surrender!

Here is a piece of The Seisoa Chronicles- Episode III: A Forest of White and Blue

Weekly Update III

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*Rushes into room, slams door, sits down, tries to come up with something..... and.... we're good!*

Hello ladies and gents, and anyone who does not fall into those categories!

I have had a long, remarkable week, tweaking and re-tweaking an overview for the Universal Conclave post, on The Current Z.

Check the link below, and don't be shy now!

While the Universal Conclave is expanding, and new profiles are being made daily, a tumbleweed rolls past the fundraiser, but there is still hope! We can not make this happen without your support!

Weekly Update I

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Hi everybody!
It's been an interesting week so far, and I am exhausted! However, the battle continues for the Z, as life has its ups and downs; never forgetting to enjoy the gift of surviving, in this corporeal form.

The past week has come with the usual challenges that come along with running a crowdfunding campaign; getting the word out, posting on social media, giving out cards here and there, and expanding the TFA world by working on The Seisoa Chronicles!


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