The Conjurers of Farin, who stayed in their forests, until the Triad War. Seisoa of Farin is the most renowned of the conjurer people, as he lead the world into a time of peace.


The demons of Zethis are a misunderstood people, as most believe them to be beings without a moral code or principle. In truth, they only seek to find new experiences, from the greatest euphoria to the most agonizing pain.


Hailing from the giant crater of Kakima in the center of the continent, the dragons have no political system except for their craving for jewels and precious stones.

Human (Earth)

As far as can be deducted from Z's first Journal, he is living in a time period that is either present or in the near past.

Human (Teurang)

The humans of Teuran, in the country of Teurang; the first place that Z's dreams take him, and Zack's hometown.


Mages hailing from the country of Menak. They search for the mysteries behind magic, while ruled by the dark lord, Xan'dros.

Teurang Gods (The O'rix)

The Gods of the humans of Teurang, the eldest among them being Cronus; creator of the two swords, Verilous and Stryker.

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